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Render node

Dedicated Rendering employee for only $845/month!

What do you mean by Rendering Node?

RenderNode is our exclusive flat-fee-per-month rendering service package. ViRSES will setup all necessary hardware, software and provide you with a dedicated Architectural Visualizer in our office. Your dedicated Architectural Visualizer takes care of all your 3D architectural visualization assignments. There is no communication gap since your Architectural Visualizer is in direct contact with you.

Who is this offer suitable for?

RenderNode is a perfect solution for any firm or professional, who has frequent requirements for architectural renderings. Best of all, our RenderNode solution can be far cheaper than a permanent employee and can save your business several overhead expenses such as Hardware, Software, and Benefit expenses.

But then a permanent employee is always available!

Your dedicated RenderNode Visualizer is available to you 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.

How do we assign jobs to the RenderNode Visualizer?

Youíll have your own dedicated email id to contact to your RenderNode at anytime directly. Also, a dedicated FTP account will be setup to transfer input and output data. You can send your RenderNode your project files and details by email or FTP. Your RenderNode Visualizer will provide you with a timeline and deliver the visual output to you directly. Previews are also provided to you, this way you can provide comments and receive the final output based on your exact specifications.

How productive will this RenderNode be?

RenderNode uses a combination of latest Hardware, exclusively enhanced software and an experienced Visualizer. A normal residence project usually takes 2-4 days. A commercial building project can take up to 6-7 days.† Turnaround times often depend on the scale and complexity of your project specifications.

How much will it take to setup a RenderNode for me?

Typically this process will take 10-20 days after receives the signed RenderNode agreement. This includes all necessary Hardware installation, Software setup and recruitment.

How can we manage the RenderNode employee from our office?

A ViRSES RenderNode Manager is always in close and direct contact with you in order to manage your project. Your RenderNode Visualizer is never some untrained individual and we never source out jobs to any external resources. Additionally, your RenderNode Visualizer is always a qualified ViRSES employee recruited as per our stringent hiring standards.
All jobs are completed as per ViRSES guidelines and all creative inputs and outputs are always properly monitored in order to maintain quality. Plus, youíll always be secure having ViRSESís guarantee on quality.†

How do we go ahead to setup a RenderNode for us?

Click here to write us for a copy of the RenderNode agreement. Please include:

√ Description of Firm/Professional.
√ Type of projects you typically handle.
√ Type of Architectural visualizations generally required.
√ Location and contact info.


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