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Pay only if you like

Offer for new comers: Pay only if you are satisfied with the design outputs!

Simply send us your project files and we’ll provide you with a very reasonable quote for your project. Upon your approval, we’ll work on your design and send you a preview image. You will pay the required part payments and ask us for the final images, ONLY if you like the previews.

if you are not satisfied with preview outputs?

We are confident about the quality of our work and believe - like most clients - you’ll be quite pleased with the results. However, if for any reason you don't like the visual output, you can simply tell us that you don't feel like paying for it. This is completely no obligations offer.

Why this offer?

It’s simple. ViRSES.COM wants to help you feel more comfortable and gain your confidence in our expertise. :)

Why this offer is only available for new customers?

Once we prove ourselves by completing your first project this should alleviate any worries you might have about our quality and service. Once you have this assurance you’ll be able see firsthand how we incorporate only the best technologies and design methods.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Simply send us your project CAD files and/or sketches in email and mention PAY-IF-LIKE in the subject line.

Great! Any terms or conditions?

Not actually. But since this offer's history tells that everyone liked our architectural renderings and other visualization outputs, you need to fulfill these conditions:

√ You should be an established firm or individual.
√ You should be able to provide payment via credit card.


DoorWin 3.0 FPE

DoorWin3.0 Free Personal Edition available for download

3D Renderings from $150

Outsource Architectural Renderings starting at $150 only!


New clients are offered to pay only on complete satisfaction.

IZipIT Backup Tool

Easy backup for large files. Free Download!

A Client Speaks:

"Thank you, it is really a pleasure to work with you!"

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