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iZipIt v1.4 Easy backups for large files.

3 Years back in ViRSES office, we realized that our in-house backup requirements are not met by any existing backup software. We required a compact utility which create zip compatible backups in easy to locate/restore manner. Which would also honor basic but strong algorithm to filter the desired files. All in all it had to be a very simple tool with power in its backroom. We noted down the guidelines and iZipIt born. Since then it is being used on daily basis in ViRSES and its partner firms. It is meant to take disk to disk backups of large files. The recent release also takes backups on the network shares, by mapping it to local drive on the fly. It suits architectural and other CAD offices where files are normally heavy and tape or cd backups are not logical. Enjoy another free software by ViRSES.COM.

Download now: iZipIt v1.4

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DoorWin 3.0 FPE

DoorWin3.0 Free Personal Edition available for download

3D Renderings from $150

Outsource Architectural Renderings starting at $150 only!


New clients are offered to pay only on complete satisfaction.

IZipIT Backup Tool

Easy backup for large files. Free Download!

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