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Why do I need computer-generated renderings?

Computer generated architectural renderings are not only helpful in creating impressive presentations they often can mean the difference between landing that next really big account!

But aren't my hand drawn sketches already good enough?

Computer renderings are far more precise and photo-realistic then hand drawn sketches. Additionally, computer renderings provide very tight control over how a particular color or material behaves with other environmental conditions. Imagine the freedom of experimenting with various materials on your building! Once a virtual model (3D CAD model) is made, you can create images from any angle unlike hand drawn renderings. With computer renderings modifications are easy whereas with manual (or hand drawn) renderings you need to redo everything from the scratch.

Are there other applications or just presentations?

There are whole new possibilities with computer generated renderings. Consider these:

√ Photo realistic renderings: general presentation and marketing use.
√ Material and finishes analysis: experiment with materials.
√ Shadow/Sun-path study renderings: precise shadows.
√ Physically accurate lighting renderings: Lighting study.
√ Animations: virtual walk through and fly-by.
√ Panoramas: look around in your interior spaces, interactively.
√ VRML: the 100% interactive buildings.

Please visit our services section for description of these applications and outputs.

Ok, What is the whole process like?

The entire process is a very simple process. From 2D drawings, a 3D CAD model (virtual model) is made in a modeling software such as 3DS VIZ or AutoCAD. It is mostly a time taking process rather that just conversion of 2D to 3D. Once a 3D CAD model is done, real life textures, materials, lighting are introduced. For that additional amount of realism, other life putting features are added such as foliages, vegetation, human figures, vehicles and clouds etc.

How does the entire process actually work?

It is very easy process to get your visualizations completed. These are the simple steps involved in the entire process:

√ Send us your drawings for a reasonable quote.
√ We’ll send you a time and price quote and start the project ONLY based upon your approval.
√ We’ll send you a preview rendering via email for your approval.
√ You provide ViRSES.COM any comments and 50% of the project fees.
√ We incorporate your comments and deliver high-resolution outputs in CD or FTP.
√ You make the balance payments.

What do I need to provide?

You simply need to provide:

1. Drawings: Floor plans, Elevations and sections. Paper drawings can also do but CAD files are preferred and will save production time.
2. Materials and finishes: You need to specify the material and finishes being used on the building. A legend marked on the drawing is most helpful. Send us scanned photo images of stone/marble/tiles, or specify color values for paints. The more information you can provide on finishes, the better.
3. Site Photo: In case you want to see your building superimposed on existing/actual site, you'll need to supply a high-resolution photo (preferably digital) from a specific viewpoint/angle as of the desired image.
4. Output details: Please mention output format and desired print size for still images.

What output would I get? Will it be a file or a printout?

This depends on your requirements. You can opt for printouts for files. We typically send high-resolution TiFF files, which can be printed from almost any imaging software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Paintshop Pro etc.

Are there any samples around on this site?

Please check our visualization gallery for sample work.

Where do I start ?

Send us CAD files and or sketches for a reasonable quote on your project. Click Here »

One more thing, why don't I learn and do it myself?

Good thought, we want to encourage you to learn it. You will need to learn a 2D CAD software, a 3D modeling software and finally a good Rendering Software. It is good to learn new software and technologies for knowledge sake. But for doing rendering yourself, We believe that an architect's time is worth a lot more than doing renderings. Rendering is a mostly a complex process which need you to dedicatedly put several hours to get it done. Moreover the value of your money we provide is unparalleled. Our renderings start at $150 which calculates to be very affordable. Further More, with our RenderNode service product, you can lower down your rendering expanses to just $4.23/hour !


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