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Architectural Rendering Services

3D Architectural renderings are easy to acquire!

It is very easy process to get your visualizations done with ViRSES.COM. These are the simple steps involved to obtain quality architectural renderings for your projects:

A. Send us your drawings for a reasonable quote.
B. We send you a time and price quote and start the project on your approval.
C. We send you a preview rendering via email for your approval.
D. You provide notes on changes and 50% of the project fees.
E. We send you final high-resolution outputs by FTP/Mail and you make the balance payments.

The entire process for most projects takes about 3-4 days. Faster turnaround can be provided for urgent projects. The turnaround depends on the scale and complexity of the project. We can provide you various types of architectural renderings and graphic visualizations for your projects. A brief description for each is given below with a sample rendering:

Hyper Realistic Architectural Renderings

These renderings are also termed as Photo Realistic or Photo real Architectural Renderings. ViRSES.COM provides the most realistic architectural renderings for your Architectural Projects. Your CAD drawings are converted to virtual 3D model using latest 3d software. Photoreal renderings are prepared from 3D model using real-life materials. For that extra element of realism, ViRSES.COM also adds real-life environment variables such as; lighting, landscape, vegetation, human activities etc. ViRSES.COM completes all design output in all popular image formats in order to suit your requirements. For example; TiFF, TGA and JPG etc. These outputs can be used for powerful Sales Brochures, Impressive Presentations, Design Analysis and Site Signage etc. Please visit our architectural renderings gallery for more rendering samples.

Hyper Realistic Architectural Renderings

Shadow Study Architectural Renderings

These renderings are suitable for shadow studies of proposed and existing structures. These are also photo real renderings with simulated shadow effects. A 3D model is placed on the exact virtual location as per specific geographical data from your project. Exact project site location, daytime settings and date can be set to get accurate sciagraphy. A series of images are produced to show the building structure in different seasons and daytimes.

Shadow Study Architectural Renderings

Lighting Study Architectural Renderings

This is the technique to visualize an interior space in different lighting conditions. It is also known as Physically Accurate Lighting Study OR Radiosity. An interior space is rendered to photoreal image for desired lighting conditions. Radiosity renderings are very useful for lighting designers to visualize their design solution. In other words, a true lighting energy distribution can be visualized with these radiosity renderings. These renderings take longer hours to complete and require high-end rendering systems and software.

Lighting Study Architectural Renderings

Architectural Walk through and Fly-by Animations

Technology moves a step ahead of still architectural renderings. You can have a virtual walk through movie for your existing and future projects. These movies can make your presentations extremely impressive and are suitable for purposed like marketing, presentations and fund raising etc. Animations provide a fair idea of entire building design. The output can be provided in all popular media formats including AVI, QuickTime, DVD and MPEG etc. Please write us to obtain a sample walk through animation in a CD.

Architectural Walkthrough and Fly-by Animations

Virtual Reality Panorama (QTVR)

These renderings are suitable for visualizing interior spaces. User can interactively turn left and right in order to view the entire scene. Panoramic outputs are developed using series of photo realistic architectural renderings. Outputs can be provided to you as Flash movies or QTVR. Click the image below and move your mouse to left or right to view the entire room.